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Sugar Land Bash | About the Sugar Land Bash & Snowdrop Foundation

The Sugar Land BASH and Snowdrop Story

Brian Covault is the Founder of Texas Community Referral Network (TCRN), which was established in October 2007.  TCRN-Sugar Land is one of eight TCRN markets in Greater Houston, and is comprised of more than 100 local businesses committed to providing superior products and services to those residing in the greater Sugar Land area, and its mission is to serve as a resource to the community.  As an organization, TCRN also wants to commit to giving back in a variety of ways to the community.  The Sugar Land BASH is one of the ways TCRN accomplishes that. 

Brian's partnership with Snowdrop Foundation is stemmed from his passion to volunteer his time to work with children.  He is involved in the children’s ministry at River Pointe Church, and has coached eight seasons of Girls soccer for FFPS and the West Houston Soccer Club as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Child Advocates of Fort Bend.  After meeting Kevin and Trish Kline, and learning about Snowdrop Foundation, he wanted to help them in their quest to make a difference in the innocent lives of children who have been struck with cancer.

Below is the Snowdrop story in Kevin Kline’s words.

“My life changed on December 15, 2005 while broadcasting from Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  At 8am, I noticed this beautiful little girl across the room in a corner, playing with the younger kids.  I saw her do this for four hours and I thought to myself, “what a nice young girl to volunteer her time to play with these kids.”  She had a smile that warmed the room and melted my heart.

I finally introduced myself at noon and told her how impressed I was seeing her donate her time playing with the kids.  She told me that she was awaiting treatment because she was a cancer patient herself.  I was shocked.

I was completely leveled when she told me her story.

In September ’05, she was a homecoming princess.  The next month, she was told she had a 10% chance of survival and that she may not even see age 16.  She told her doctors that not only would she see 16, she’d be that one in ten to beat her particular kind of cancer, a rare form that only afflicts fifty (50) people worldwide each year.
Chelsey Campbell and I became instant friends.  I visited her everyday that she was in the hospital and every week during the times she was well enough to be home.  We grew to an almost brother and sister relationship, even though I’m old enough to be her dad.

Through the torturous chemo, the radiation and the record-setting 28-hour surgery she endured to remove 95% of her tumors, she never lost her positive attitude, her fight, her determination and her belief that she would win her battle with cancer.
After her “marathon” surgery, I made a promise to her.  As I knelt beside her bed in her ICU room, she was barely awake, her lips were blood encrusted and IV lines and tubes covered her like blankets, I told her that I would run a marathon in her honor.
I’ve since fulfilled my promise, running with stress fractures in both of my legs.  The pain was enormous, but nothing like the pain I saw Chelsey endure. 

Chelsey, as she predicted, celebrated her 16th birthday on June 11, 2006.  She celebrated in the hospital.  Many of us were there to share her inspiring day.  Unfortunately, the present that my wife and I were giving her wouldn’t arrive until three days later.  On June 14th, we presented Chelsey the gift of a legacy.  
What started out to honor Chelsey, we now carry on to memorialize her.  Chelsey died on December 9, 2006 at her home.  I now live my life to share the love that Chelsey taught me and to give back in Chelsey’s honor because she has given me a whole new life.

Cancer took Chelsey from my arms, but it will never take her from my heart.”  Kevin Kline. Visit

I want to contribute to honoring Chelsey’s legacy.  Join TCRN, and its Sugar Land Division in supporting the Sugar Land BASH.  You can purchase $10 raffle tickets at one of the TCRN-Sugar Land businesses listed on the Raffle Prize page.  To see a full directory of all Business Listings, visit  Your raffle ticket(s) can win you a 7 Night Royal Caribbean Cruise for Two out of Galveston in the raffle at the BASH, generously provided by CruiseGuzs-CruiseOne!